Paper Organizing

Everyday paper=SUNDAY BASKET

Paper, oh, the paper that comes into our homes and stays there. Do you keep it, do you throw it away? What if you will need it down the road?

Organize Your Everyday can help you determine what to keep and toss. We have tools and systems to get you on track and keep up with the incoming paper. 

Paper Organizing

The solution to all that paper that piles up on your counters and tables or any flat surface you have is 

The Sunday Basket

The Sunday Basket is a complete system to put that vital paper that needs action soon. You and everyone in your family will know where to find what they need. 

Paper Organization

Does your office or counters look like this?

Paper Organizing Retreats-Yes it's a thing, and it can be lots of fun!

What is a Paper Organizing Retreat? 

Glad you asked. A paper organizing retreat is when you focus on your paper that is driving you crazy! Whether it is the pile on your kitchen counter or desk or your kid's school papers (or even that room we don't talk about 😜), we can also work on organizing all those photos, printed and digital.  

Paper Organization